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Séance™ v3.0 Lite for macOS - 1 Week Rental

Séance™ v3.0 Lite for macOS - 1 Week Rental
Séance™ v3.0 Lite for macOS - 1 Week Rental
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Séance™ Lite has an intuitive software package that lets you download Phantom footage from your Camera or Cinestation Features such as GPU Accelerated Graphics, Drag & Drop and Multi Processing are heavily used throughout the application to make your project's workflow easier, sophisticated and efficient.

Séance™ Lite is a feature reduced version of Séance that allows you to download Cine files on a workstation or laptop. The software package can let you store SMTPE Timecode into the Cine file, download the same Cine to multiple destinations and allows you to control the Phantom Camera/Cinestation for video play out via HD-SDI. Also, those Cameras or Cinestations that include a 10Gigabit Ethernet Port, are also supported, when used with a 10Gb Ethernet connection.

All from the Mac!

This license is a 7 Day license, that starts when you first activate it.
- Requires MacOSX 10.11.5 or later.
- A Macintosh Computer with Nvidia or ATI/AMD Graphics (Intel Graphics is not supported.)
- Phantom Cine Toolkit is also recommended for previewing the saved Cine files.
Feature: 220
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